EXILIS ELITE Laser Treatment

Hate Your Neck? What To Get Rid Of Those Love Handles?  You can tighten, smooth and reduce with Exilis Elite!

We love Exilis Elite! If you’re looking to spot reduce those love handles – or give your neck a lift – Exilis Elite is the answer. It has the power to heat the deep layers of the dermis to promote new collagin growth to tighten and smooth the skin.


Our state-of-the-art EXILIS ELITE laser allows us to offer revolutionary non-surgical wrinkle reduction and recontouring of problem fat deposits. Patients who do not qualify for surgical lipoplasty can still enjoy the benefits of these painless and non-invasive treatments, or it may be used as a supplement to full surgical liposuction or other cosmetic procedures.

Patients typically require 2 to 8 safe, computer-controlled sessions over the course of a few weeks- depending on what area is being treated. BUT, wrinkle reduction and skin toning are often visible after the first treatment! Sessions consist of the device being guided over the problem area by a trained technician. The laser delivers energy deep into the skin, which results in a non-painful warming sensation in the treatment area.

Efficient, computer-controlled monitoring of the skin’s temperature ensures a comfortable and even treatment through targeted deep tissue therapy. Controlled heating is employed in the upper skin areas in order to tighten sagging skin and smooth contours. The pinpoint heating causes collagen to remodel, resulting in a strengthening of the collagen bond and improvement to skin flexibility and smoothness.

EXILIS has been thoroughly tested and results in no known side effects. Patients may experience pinkness of the treatment area for up to 30 minutes following each session and should increase water intake.