Face Sculpting

Firmly resist the signs of aging. Gently target trouble spots with our advanced collection of treatments and injectibles for the face and neck. Many men and women who are not interested in a full facelift will find our blend of services a perfect solution to turn back the clock without drastic downtime and harmful side effects. Today’s procedures can give you more youthful taut skin, change the shape of your chin, erase wrinkles and redefine your jawline. Talk with us about your goals!


Laser Light Lift. Our exclusive Laser Light Lift is a custom blend of laser procedures to tighten, tone and lift the skin to replenish moisture and restore collagen for a youthful, beautiful, natural look. Your LLL is specially formulated by Dr. Johnson for long lasting results and easy maintenance.

Options For Skin Resurfacing
Fraxel Re:pair
AcuPulse CO2
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Options for Skin Tightening
Exilis Elite

Options for Neck Revision

Exilis Elite


What Can Our Treatments Do?
• Tighten, tone and lift facial skin
• Redefine the jawline & jowl area
• Shrink large pores & smooth texture
• Reduce the redness of rosacea and acne
• Reduce the appearance of acne scars
• Eliminate broken capillaries and spider veins around the nose and cheeks
• Create a more defined jawline
• Tighten your neck
• Improve crepe-like skin in the déccoletage
• Reduce birthmarks, vascular lesions and melasma (pregnancy veil).


What Can Dermal Filler Do?
• Fill the hollows of the cheeks for a more youthful look
• Restore thinning lips with a fine particle filler
• Soften facial creases and wrinkles
• Improve the appearance of recessed scars
• Fill the sinking under-eye area


What Can Wrinkle Relaxant Do?
• Eradicate the horizontal lines on the forehead
• Erase the || lines between the eyes
• Elevate the eyebrows, even out asymmetry, or open the eye a bit
• Relax crows feet and other fine wrinkles
• Turn up the corner of the mouth for a more pleasant smile
• Soften chin dimples