Arms & Legs

Some people wish they could live in long sleeves and pants all year long. But, let’s face it – hiding your arms and legs behind heavy clothing isn’t always an option. If that doesn’t fit your gameplan, let’s talk about ways to give you arms & legs that you want to show off – not just in summer, but all year long! Erase imperfections, thin the inner and outer thigh, reduce flabby knees, say goodbye to upper arm “batwings”, and improve the texture of your skin.


1. Exilis Elite Arm or Leg Contouring. Don’t like the shape of your arms or legs? Feel that your knees are a bit too baggy? Want your upper arms to have more tone? Wish that your thighs were a bit slimmer? Those are all good reasons to check out Exilis Elite. This body contouring laser can spot reduce body fat in hard to reduce areas.

2. Cellulite Reduction.
That dimpled skin on the back and sides of your arms or thighs is enough to make anyone crazy. And as you may know, hereditary factors dictate whether you have cellulite or not. Our gentle laser procedure can break down the dimpling and leave with you with a smooth and sleek look.


3. Laser Hair Removal Is Your Every Day Timesaver. Tired of shaving and waxing? Thousands of people have turned to Laser Light Skin Clinic for laser hair reduction. It all starts with 6 easy treatments. We use advanced technology to target hair follicles at the root to eliminate new hair growth. Prices Start At Just $99. Learn more here…


4. Spider Vein Treatments. Those tiny blue “roadmaps” leading to nowhere on your legs are really just harmless veins close to the surface of the skin. Without treatment, there’s little you can do to make spider veins go away. Fortunately our laser treatment is easy, with no downtime at all.


5. Stretchmark Reduction. Those glossy pink or silver lines that streak across your arms, legs, hips or torso are a factor of the skin stretching more quickly than it can keep up at the cellular level. Fortunately, stretchmarks are harmless marks and can be dramatically reduced with a simple laser treatment.