Torso Sculpting

Get the body you’ve dreamed about. There was once a time when the only way you could make a change to your body was either through surgery, or by invasive liposuction. Today we have options for body contouring that can define and reduce, tighten and tone. If you are dealing with skin discoloration, we can help with that also. Check out our options to make your life easier, such as laser hair removal and injections for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

1. Exilis Can Provide Contour and Reduction! Exilis uses a high radio frequency to target deep fat cells. Those targeted fat cells shrink and then are eliminated from the body. As you may know, since our body doesn’t grow new fat cells – eliminating fat is permanent. At the same time, the radio frequency provides a thermal factor for rebuilding collagen deep in the tissue layers, so not only does the neck appear slimmer but the skin becomes more taut and toned.

What Can Exilis Elite Do?
• Flatten and trim the waist and tummy area
• Slim down “saddle bags” and “muffin tops”
• Spot reduce below the back bra area
• Thin thighs and reshape knees
• Trim the underarm area
• Reshape or lift the buttocks
• Shrink and thin the neck


2. Laser Hair Reduction Is Your Every Day Timesaver. Tired of shaving and waxing? Thousands of people have turned to Laser Light Skin Clinic for laser hair reduction. It all starts with 6 easy treatments. We use advanced technology to target hair follicals at the root to eliminate new hair growth. Prices Start At Just $99. Learn more here…


3. Hyperhydrosis – Don’t Sweat It. If excessive sweating has you keeping your arms by your side, it’s time to talk about today’s best alternatives. We have options that can keep you cool and dry.


4. Stretchmark Reduction. Those glossy pink or silver lines that streak across your buttocks, hips, tummy, breasts, arms or legs are a factor of the skin stretching more quickly than it can keep up at the cellular level. Fortunately, they are harmless marks and can be dramatically reduced with a simple laser treatment. Our Stretchmark Reduction procedure can fade those marks away.


5. Psoriasis & Vitiligo. Skin eruption and discoloration can be more than annoying, it can make you self-conscious and emotional. The good news is that our lasers have the ability to heal Psoriasis, Vitiligo and other diseases that respond to UV light. Our UVB laser handpiece uses high-power, spectral irradiance in the UVB and UVA wavebands, which reduces the number of treatments and enhances healing.