Feeling down? Experiencing low self esteem, frustration or helplessness?  Transform the way you look and feel with Alma ClearTite.

Near infared technlology for deep dermal heating tranforming the way you look and feel.

How does ClearTite work?

How does ClearTite work?

Light based RadioFrequency (RF) laser treatments promote immediate collagen contraction that stimulates long term collagen remodeling and rebuilding.

The Alma ClearTite laser uses RadioFrequency (RF) therapeutic heat to treat deep dermal skin layers and creates thermal injury that stimulates collagen remodeling.

Different skin levels can be treated effectively with this powerful device which tartgets the superfical fine line and the deep static lines resulting in firmer and smoother skin on the treated areas e.g. face, neck and other areas that have wrinkles.

Benefits of Alma ClearTite Skin Tightening:

Benefits of Alma ClearTite Skin Tightening:

● Treatment can be administered on any area of the body, including the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth

● Treatment is painless, and relaxing

● Long­lasting results

● Treats both men and women

● High Patient satisfaction

How many treatments are necessary?

How many treatments are necessary?

Treatment goals vary on the severity of the skin’s condition being targeted and will be discussed during your consultation. Six full treatments are often suggested for optimal results. Although you will begin to see progress almost immediately, you will notice continual improvement up to one year after your last treatment.

Alma ClearTite Side Effects may include:

Transient and mild redness or swelling which will subside within 2-4 hours after the procedure is complete.

Hydrocortisone cream may be applied after your treatment to ease any discomfort.